Problematic Flow Title Position

I am using Dorico Elements 3.5. I have a project with over 10 flows. Each flow is a separate piece of music in what is effectively a compendium. Each flow has a title giving the name of a tune or dance and the like.

The layout allows flows to be shown without page breaks.

In the attached example the sixth flow with the title “Garint” you can see that it is appearing too low, under the first staff.

What might be causing this?

Hello @kendd, unfortunately I’m fairly sure that what’s causing that isn’t something you can fix yourself in Elements. It looks like at some point you made a change to this page specifically (perhaps adding the flow title directly on the page by double-clicking it? or maybe the running header at the top of the page?) When you edit a specific page, that creates a local page override - here’s information about that from the Pro manual.

The way to remove overrides and get the page to revert to its default formatting is only available in Dorico Pro. If you want to share the project (either here in this thread or PM it directly to me if you prefer) I or someone else can reset the page for you.

Depending on what it was you did (which I might be able to deduce anyway from the project), there’s almost certainly a non-override way of achieving that. If it was giving Flow 6 its title, here’s how we recommend you do that. (There is a slight difference between “flow names” that appear in the Flows panel in Setup mode, and the “flow title” that’s stored in Project Info, although if you rename the flow without ever changing the flow title, the two should remain in lockstep.)

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One way of essentially resetting the layout in Elements is to simply create a new layout, from the right panel of Setup mode, and delete the old one. You’ll lose any properties that were set locally, but there aren’t a great deal of those available in Write mode (cresc/dim vs hairpin comes to mind, for instance.)

Thank you.
There are 29 flows. The problem gets worse after this one. Some titles are in the right place and others are shifted by several systems. I have no recollection of any action where I deliberately overrode the default positioning.

The problem began after I started the process of adding an ambitus to each flow. The process was to create an incipit bar by adding a bar and then making the first actual bar of each flow into a coda. Then adding two ambitus notes in the new first bar.

I’ll persevere poking around for a bit.

Thank you. Yes that has fixed it.
I came close by creating a new score layout without deleting the original one.
Seems OK now.

You can do this too, of course - Dorico allows you to have any number of layouts containing any combination of flows and players as required. Including multiple full score layouts, e.g. if you want one formatted for A3 portrait and another for A4 landscape.