problems Activation Cubase AI UR824

hello friends
I have a problem!
I can not activate Cubase AI 7 software from UR824

  • I enter the serial number (Error 1A15 A general error occured.)
  • Add Software, Download I enter access code: (AccessCode does not correspond correspondence to the selected product)
    I can not activate the Cubase AI that comes with Audio Interface UR824


hola amigos
tengo un problema!
no puedo activar Cubase AI 7 software desde UR824

  • introduzco el numero de serie (Error 1A15. A general error occured)
  • Add Software, introduzco Download access code: (Accesscode does not correspond to the selected product)
    no puedo activar el Cubase AI que viene con el Interface Audio UR824

Try an Update to the elicenser:

not working :cry: