Problems after Sierra/Mac update-Please help.

Is anybody having issues with their Imac’s after doing the most recent Apple maintenance update? Since yesterday, my Imac will not boot up. It turns on, Chime sounds, then the Apple Icon appears, and the progress bar begins, but never finishes. It seems frozen.

This is a big problem as I have work to do for a client.

I am currently trying to boot up in safe mode and trying to reinstall the operating system. But it gets stuck saying “will take approximately 6 minutes”. This went on over night.

Any ideas?? Please help.

Many thanks Jeff


If safe mode won’t boot then something was corrupted on install.
A few things -

Clear p-ram on boot.
Boot from recovery partition, repair drive then repair volume.
If repair comes up with anything other than an exit code of zero, reinstall the OS to the working volume while booted into the recovery partition.


Ok thanks, I’ll try it.