Problems after upgrade to3.5 - SOLVED

I upgraded this morning to see whether problems I had with expression maps would disappear and also to see if Dorico would run quicker. I’ve managed to open the project I was working on, but my instances of Kontakt (5.8.1) have not automatically loaded in. I notice from the pull-down menu of available sources (Halion, Kontakt etc) that there is only one version of Kontakt 5 now, the plug-in ‘Kontakt 5 16out’? In Dorico 3.1 there was ‘Kontakt 5’, Kontakt 5 8out’ and ‘Kontakt 16out’. Since the instances of Kontakt I used in this project were plain old ‘Kontakt 5’ is this the reason my instances of Kontakt in the ‘name’ panel say …’!! Al’s Dorico Woodwind !!’ …’!! Al’s Dorico Horns !!’ etc.

I tried using the 'Playback Template I had setup, but I figure the problem is that ‘Kontakt 5’ isn’t supported or maybe not being found?

I’m just staring to rebuild the template using the Kontakt 5 16out plug-in. Good job I’ve saved these all as separate groups… I would not be wanting to rebuild all these from single instruments.

I’ve rebuilt the instances of Kontakt now. I also had to add these new instances into the Playback Template library. I now notice the expression maps all defaulted to ‘Default’ in this project (because presumably the expression maps are linked to the Kontakt instances which Dorico couldn’t load /find?). I have just gone through them and loaded the right EM. Is there a way to make the the tab larger in the drop down menu of the Endpoint Setup page? Once you have a large number of maps, it becomes fiddly to find the right one (forget it…I’ve just noticed you should use the up / down arrow keys rather than the slider and the mouse …grrrrr!).

OK, will the EM setup and the new Kontakt instances all be remembered if I now update the new Playback Template I have made ('NI Orchestra and Choir 16out) by selecting ’ 'Edit Playback Template and simply selecting ‘OK’?

I think I should be about ready to go?

You should be able to load those original projects if you add those other Kontakt 8/16 out variants to the allow list in Preferences > VST Plugins. Presumably you would have whitelisted them in 3.0 but haven’t yet made this change. The ‘Kontakt 5’ variant of the plugin is whitelisted by default.

Also, re: the endpoint setup dialog, simply start typing any part of the name to quickly locate the one you want.

Thanks Paul … I thought that was the problem, but I’ve got it sorted now with this new Playback Template.