Problems And Questions With Padshop Pro Upgrade

I want to make sure everything is in order before I continue with my upgrade purchase.

I went to purchase and when I went to log into my Steinberg account it said invalid login. When I went to get a new password is said my email address was not found.

So I went to find my Cubase 7 receipt and it turns out I did not purchase it from Steinberg’s online account but off of Ebay. Does this still qualify me for the Padshop Pro upgrade?

If so, after I purchase, what is the procedure to turn my regular Padshop into Padshop Pro? I can’t find instructions anywhere. I just want to make sure I do this correctly.


Really? One week later and not ONE person can answer my question? Doesn’t support monitor these forums at all?

You will receive an activation code to enter in the eLCC. Next time you launch Padshop, the “Pro” features will be unlocked.

The point is that Steinberg is not very helpful to its clients. and lazy because this complaint is three years old.

7 March 2015 I bought a Padshop Pro upgrade from Padshop Basic. Asknet of Steinberg gave no clues how to install it.

Why not deliver a pdf with a note how to install it? And dear Steinberg people, the procedure is easy but it is not self-evident.