Problems assigning different instruments recording midis

Hi - new user of Cubase LE4 and also new connecting to Korg iS50 Keyboard. Seems connected OK - Can record several midi tracks but if I record three tracks - say piano, guitar and brass, when I play them back, they all play according to my keyboard setting - eg if set to piano, all three tracks play piano? I suspect I haven’t set up the medi device to recognise and record the different keyboard sounds/instruments. I’m using a Lambda audio interface and have my keyboard connected to windows PC via usb midi interface. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.Ratchet
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Recording midi is different from recording sound.
You could describe midi as ‘instructions on how to play the instrument’.

In other words, when you record midi while you’re playing, you’re not capturing any sound, you’re just capturing what keys you press. When you play that back, it’ll do exactly like you did when you played on the keys.
In other words, cubase is now playing the instrument for you, it’s pressing the keys in if you will. That means it’s completely independent of what sound you have selected on your keyboard.

If you want cubase to play back all tracks simultaneously and with the correct sounds, you have to record each sound separately. You can do this by hooking up the output from your keyboard to the input of your soundcard. Create an audio track and set its input to the keyboard. Now solo for instance the bass midi part you recorded, and set your keyboard to the bass sound. Press record, and now you’re capturing actual sound. Repeat the process for the piano etc.

Do note that once you captured the audio it can’t be edited quite as easily as midi. Make sure that you corrected any playing mistakes in the midi part before recording to audio, because fixing things in audio is much more difficult.

thanks Stophoid - I’m away