Problems bouncing AudioWarped audio!

I have a very annoying problem when I am bouncing my files.
I know that AudioWarp isn’t the best way to quantize drums, but I’m using triggers on most drums so I’m really not that concerned about phase issues, and with slicing it does not sound good at all.

After I’ve quantized my drums using AudioWarp all is fine and it sounds good and in time, but when I bounce the tracks using either Bounce selection or Export/Channel batch export it gradually becomes more and more out of time. At the end it can be something like 35ms out of sync.
Does someone know why or how to fix this?
I’m using Cubase 6.5.4 64bit on a Macbook pro retina 2.6gHz 16gb ram.

Here’s a pic of my tracks quantized but not bounced

And here’s the same part when bounced, see the gaps?


that doesnt look good!

Have you tried ‘flatten audio’? I can’t remember where it is exactly but you’ll find it in the manual.

I’ve actually had mixed results with flatten audio so cant guarantee that will work.

What about ‘realtime’ batch export? I’m just guessing now!

You don’t show the end of the waveforms but I bet the ends are not snapped to a Bar.
I had this same issue when I first started using warp in Cubase, coming from Ableton LIVE it was frustrating at first.

What I do is make a Part to contain the warped event, then make sure the part is snapped to Bars at the beginning AND end. Then Bounce selection.
You can probably forgo making a Part if there’s enough length on the end of the original file to snap it to a Bar. But make sure, sometimes it looks snapped and it’s off by a few milliseconds. That’s why I started using Parts before bouncing.

ALSO look in the pool to make sure that the numeric tempo value is what you expect on the New File. Sometimes on longer files I get a decimal ( 124.79 when it’s supposed to be 125).
If that happens type in the correct BPM.

Hope that helps