Problems connecting PROFire 610 and Control Room

I am currently running Cubase 6.5 and I have the profire 610 audio card on Windows 7 64-Bit.

I have the control room working to where I can get the mix, the ext, phones, control room and Studio 1 working properly.

My problem is with when I want to start working on a project and record track. Since the control room has the inputs and outputs tabs set to NO CONNECTION, how do I get the recording to accept the inputs.

I was able to disconnect the STUDIO connections of my INPUT 1 and 2 and connect them on the INPUTS and then able to record my piano via audio. When I disconnect the inputs and reactivate the studio connections, the control room works fine during playback. Just can’t get it to work while recording audio track.

Don’t set your inputs to no connection !!!

When I Connect the inputs then the control room no longer works. I have tutorials that specifically say to leave the input and output connections as NOT CONNECTED when using control room.

Can you not use control room and record inputs at the same time?


The outputs on the main page should be set to “not connected” to avoid doubling up with the same connections on the control room.

apart from that only inputs and outputs that conflict with any control room ins or outs should be avoided as they will steal the connections.

I have just got back from a session where I’m using the control room for the whole studio ie, headphone, talkback and monitoring while recording 15 channels at the same time!


Input Tab:

Set the Stereo In 1 & 2 to my device I want to record
and disconnect from the STUDIO tab the Input 1 & 2???

What inputs are you needing for the control room? obviously you cannot share connections.

The only input I use for the control room is for the Talkback mic.

So in the control room, How do I get the studio to hear the live Guitar being recorded along with the mix of the other tracks?

Either switch the studio to Mix or Aux and set the studio sends.

Page 177

ok, I am missing the studio sends…Let me try that thanks.