Problems creating a new page

In the attached file I have tried to create a new page to follow page ii.

However whatever I do the new page always follows page iii. This includes attempting to swap around pages iii and iv.

Can anyone work out what I am doing wrong? Many thanks.Norden.dorico (1.7 MB)

Sorry - I just read your post a bit more carefully and you had already tried what I was suggesting ie swapping pages.

Have you tried choosing Move Pages… ?

– After a few minutes of fiddling around –
I think I have managed to do what you want - see attached file.
Not quite sure why, but after a while it behaved itself.

Norden-ed.dorico (1.7 MB)

Does inserting a page with the settings set like this work for you too?


Hi Lillie, it does, but if I change the “Use master page” to default it still puts the extra page at the end.

Yes that is what I want. But I also wanted to assign the Default Master Page style to it. I can’t seem to get that to happen.

I’m struggling to understand the concept behind this based on the project as it stands now - you have no further music beyond this point, flow 2 is only one quarter note in duration. It looks like the insert page functionality is working, it’s just difficult to tell because your project already has local page overrides on pages 3 and 4. If you remove those overrides then insert a page using the Default master page, you’ll see a visible change.

I’d recommend filling in more of the intended music content (i.e. inputting notes and notations) before coming back to the formatting, as then the changes you make will be more immediately obvious.

If you’ve not come across it, there’s a layout option for when the First master page is used, in case you don’t want it for any page that starts at the top of a page.

Additionally, the way master pages work in Dorico mean you don’t necessarily need to “insert” pages, although the functionality exists for situations where it’s worthwhile. For instance, if I have a master page that’s set up to be a title page with just text frames on, I can simply assign that master page directly to the first page in my layout - the music will automatically shift to page 2, because there’s no longer a music frame on page 1 for it to appear in. This way, my layout only has a master page change on p1, no local page overrides that prevent pages from picking up subsequent changes to the underlying master pages. (Pages you insert are always page overrides, even if they “start from” a master page template - that essentially just provides the initial frames for the page, the page isn’t linked to the master page; if you edit the master page, the inserted pages won’t be updated.)

Mm. I thought that I had finally got to grips with understanding master pages but I guess not. Flow 2 is there because I intend to have a flow two in the future. But I’m just working on the content of Flow 1 at the moment.
I’ll study what you’ve written and see if I can understand it better. Thanks.

The recommendation is generally to wait to do the page formatting stuff until you’ve done most or all of the music. It’s a lot easier then to talk about what you want to achieve if you’re not sure how to get there, because there are concrete examples and parameters involved.

Dorico’s master pages are designed so that you shouldn’t have to do lots of page-specific overrides and inserting.

(As Lillie has said)
Flow 1 appears to have run out of music by the end of page ii. Add some more music to Flow 1 and a page iii will magically appear.

Flow 2 will then appear on the next page because your settings have every flow starting on a new page.

I’ve realized what my misconception was. It was the procedure for entering a system break. When I got to the end of a line where I wanted to enter a break, I would enter Shift-S. But I’ve realized that I need to create an extra bar for that to happen so that the next system is shifted down or breaks out onto the next page. So I was thinking that there wasn’t a way of breaking out unless I created a new page and started again with a new frame. So problem solved. Thank you for all your help everyone!

Glad you got it sorted.

You might find this short tutorial of interest.

That’s it - breaks in Dorico “push” subsequent material onto the next system or into the next frame. (Frame breaks by the way use the key command Shift-F in Engrave mode.)