problems cubase 7

found some problems hope for a fats fix

I don,t now if these problems are only for the mac bud here the are

1.The cmc QC eq funtion doesn’t work. For example if i open the channel setting window to get a visual presentation of the eq i press eq on my cmc controller and press shift qc ,qc learn ,eq and ,midi to activate the eq bands.
having no reaction what so ever. A notice i checked if the other functions work and the do.

2.If you enable the control room function go to the mix convert V6 window you see that the menu bottons on the upper bar of the mix convert v6 window the read and write knobs don,t show correctly.

3.The metronome click distorts when enabled while playing the track.

4.On the insert slots i inserted a mono delay. choose a preset later removed the plugin by choosing no effects the slot turned from collard slot to a gray slot like when there is no plugin inserted. Bud the plugin was still showing whit the preset name. This was only ones that i now of.

Indeed, the eq function on the CMC QC doesn’t work for me either in Cubase 7.

it is a known issue that CMC QC is not working in EQ mode in Cubase 7, please check here:

The issues will be fixed with the next Tools for CMC update.


Thanks for the fast reply helge vogt.

Hoping that you also picked up on the other points that i mentioned