Problems deleting audio in Montage.

This seems like such a simple problem, but its driving me nuts. I’ve used Wavelab for a bit, but I had problems and reinstalled the software to try and fix it. In doing so, my delete key doesn’t seem to map like it used to.

I used to be able to put audio in the montage, select and delete certain sections of it with the delete key, and it wouldn’t snap to the previous clip when I do this. My delete key doesn’t do anything now. I can select audio and delete it from the edit pulldown menu, but then it snaps to the previous clip.

Any solutions?

EDIT: I also cannot use the delete key to delete a selected clip. Must be a mapping issue?

The shortcut you are looking for is ‘Backspace’ key.

The Del key deletes a clip if there is no selection and you select some clip(s).

I am still having a slight problem. If I hit the backspace key, it does not delete anything. If I hit the “function key” and then the “backspace” key (i’m on a Mac), it will delete the section of the audio I have selected, but it moves the clip to the right side left and I don’t want it to. (snapping?)

How do I map the backspace key to not need the function key pressed at the same time, and how do i keep the clip from the right from snapping to the left once I use the backspace key? (Montage).