Problems deleting tuplets

Hello. I wanted to report a peculiar situation the happened to me today. I told this also on the Facebook Dorico users page, but I think it could be interesting to tell you this also here.
In the situation shown in the picture, I wanted to retain the first triplet as it is, but I wanted bars 7 and 8 to be written without any tuplet. Every time I was selecting the tuplets in bars 7 and 8, also the tuplet in bar 6 became selected automatically and I didn’t know how to delete the tuplets only in bars 7 and 8. It was not possible to select only them: every time, also the triplet in bar 6 became selected, so it was not possible to delete only the tuplets in bars 7 and 8.
I was entering the notes with the computer keyboard, in Dorico Pro 4.3 for Mac.
Now, I solved the problem, but the whole situation was strange.
I re-wrote the passage from bar 5, but this time not putting any tie from bar 5 to bar 6, and all went fine. The individual triplets could be selected and deleted independently, separately.
I tried to figure out the reason of my problem. I think it was actually the combination of (a) Dorico considering one unique note the two F notes in bars 5 and 6 and (b) me forgetting to exit the tuplet mode entry by moving the arrow (when entering tuplets with the keyboard, Dorico is in a sort of “tuplet mode” and keeps entering tuplets in the following bars, unless you move the arrow key – see Manual, page 226-227, points 9 and 10). Did the combination of (a) and (b) cause this situation? I must pay attention, because in my music (not only in this piece) I never go on repeating the same tuplets one after another and I continue to switch between “ordinary” rhythms and tuplets almost in every bar.

Forget about b. The problem is you used the short way of adding a triplet (tuplet key, 3, enter) while your very long (tied) F was selected, which means, in Dorico words, please notate three long notes like this in the duration of two. You should either have cut the last half note and tuplet key, 3, or invoked the caret at the start of the bar with the tied F, tuplet popover, 3:2h (which explicitly says 3 half notes in the time of two).

Are you aware that if one turns on tuplets with the semi-colon key, one can turn them off for subsequent notes (if one remembers) with the SHIFT+semicolon (i.e. the colon) key-combination?

The problem is that I don’t have a semicolon key, since I have the Italian keyboard layout…

Then there is presumably a corresponding set of key-codes that activate and deactivate the tuplet function.

I believe you are right. I must have invoked the triplet while the long F note (bars 5-6) was selected.

Yes, I’m trying to discover what it is. Edit (for the Italian users): they are “ò” and “ç”.