Problems downloading CUBASE ELEMENTS 9.5

Hello, i need to reinstall my Cubase Elements 9.5 full. I try to donwload it by “Steinberg Assitant” but it don’t find anything on server.

Could you send me a link where i can download it?

thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

You should be able to find the link in your MySteinberg account in the Download section, if I’m right.


Mac: I don’t know.

As Martin suggests, it should show up in your MySteinberg download section if you’ve registered it (mine do).

I don’t find anything in my download section. There’s just a link to my download assistant… in DA there’s an error for cubase 9.5 elements


I sent you the links via PM.

Is not true…i’m in my account and theres’ no download avaible…just download assistant ! :unamused:

If the shown link to Download Assistant doesn’t, as you say, include the option for Elements then you need to contact support through your MySteinberg account. :unamused: