Problems eLicenser

Hello, I own a copy of Cubase LE4 that I got free with a Digitech multi FX unit but I had to reformat my computer and reinstall Cubase… the problem is that the activation code can only be used once so I can’t activate Cubase anymore… I’ve tried to get a reactivation code on Steinberg’s website but it says “The license cannot be reactivated. The apparently new eLicenser contains the license of the old activation code. Please enter another Soft-eLicenser number or contact the support team of Steinberg!” I really don’t know what to do so if someone knows, please tell me.


Isn’t it quite obvious?

Hi! I have installed Cubase AI5 got together with Yamaha MM6 on my notebook and a certain time its used. But then I uninstall it from my notebook and has installed on my PC. Now I can not its reactivation since when entering the old number MySteinberg account say that “This Soft-eLicenser number is not valid”. What can I do?