Problems experienced with activation =

I am a new user of Steinberg products and have just recently registered with this forum. My problems are probably no doubt different to those of other users. Initially as my M1 Mac is not connected online, I asserted to download binaries or packages for the Mac using a Windows Laptop - this proved to be fruitless.

I have now used my mobile WIFI to download, but the location is wrong and so I have to download all over again.

Can anyone help me out here, your assistance is greatly appreciated,
otherwise I’ll have to obtain a refund of some sorts.


Welcome to the forum, @MrCS. I’m not sure what the error you’re seeing is really reporting. It would be helpful to be able to get a look at the Steinberg Download Assistant logs. You can find them by choosing Go > Go To Folder in the Finder, then in the pop-up dialog that appears, paste the following:

~/Library/Logs/Steinberg/Download Assistant/

You’ll see a number of log files in this folder: select them, then right-click and choose Compress, then attach the resulting zip file here. Hopefully that will then give us a clue as to what the nature of the download problem is.

As advised.

MrCS (61.1 KB)

Oops compressed collection of log files from Download manager.

Thanks for sharing the logs. I don’t really know how to parse them, but I can see that an exception is being thrown. I will pass them on to the team responsible for SDA and ask if they have any ideas how to help.