Problems exporting my score as PDF.


I’ve the following problem when exporting my score as PDF (I’ve created a small example included here).

In my very first page I’ve added the following PNG image (having a transparent background) covering the full page:

To create space for title, author etc. I’ve over imposed some pure white images to cover parts of the background:

Now, the Engrave view shows my page correctly, and so the Print view. Printing directly from the Print view produces the correct page as well.

Instead, if I export the score as a PDF, in the Apple Preview app it appears correct, but when I print it is totally different:

I’ve just installed Acrobat Reader DC, and printing from it produces a right page. So the problem appears only when printing from Apple Preview.


DORICO project:
Come Foglie al Vento (title problem) (1010 KB)
DORICO generated PDF:
Come Foglie al Vento (title problem) (399 KB)

I haven’t looked at the files, but have you exported as color? That’s required for transparent images.

I’ve double-checked and yes, I’ve exported as color.

But are you printing in color as well?


I suggest you recreate your title page image using the SVG vector format; this will both be smaller in terms of file size and also will produce a better printed result.