Problems forcing half note instead of divided ties

I’ve searched for a solution for this but can’t find one. I have a bar of 5/8 which i want to notate as a half note with an articulated 8th note at the end. What I keep getting is a dotted quarter tied to an eighth, then the articulated eighth after that. It is more cluttered looking. I’ve looked through numerous menus and sub menus for a solution.

I’m not a Dorico owner yet so am not positive, but it’s my understanding that if you create a time signature of 4+1/8 (which will show as 5/8 in the score), what you want to see in terms of note values will work fine.

Yes - type shift-M to create a meter popover, then type [4+1]/8 and voila - don’t forget the brackets. Then if you want to create another subdivision later, you can either use beaming commands or enter a new time signature and hide it using the bottom panel (this is new in 10.0.20 I think, very nice).

I forgot to add, you can also use Force Duration (the C-clamp thing on the left, shortcut o) - select it, then activate the caret and enter a half note.