Problems getting Cubase 11 Elements Trial version work

Hi all,
My first time in this foro. I am a Dorico user (so I am used to the licensing and installation of Steinberg products, or I thought I was) and was having a try to the Cubase Elements today, but after two times reinstalled there is no progress at all. Cubase shows to me as a complete dark black window, as simple as that (don’t think is worth putting even screenshots…).
Activation of the temporary license was apparently ok, but first time I opened the application a empty pop up dialogue opened (which I had to accept) and then another dialogue (titled Safe Mode) asking me to use current program preferences, and that’s all the dark black window except for a floating window of 4 link to videos in Steinberg website.

I hope you guys could help me out. Thanks a lot in advance!

Some info from my system in case helps to shed some light:
macOS (Big Sur)
Mac mini M1 (8GB)
LG Ultra-wide 34 screen

Hi and welcome,

Cubase 11 is not compatible with M1 processors yet.

This is a known issue at some systems.

Thanks Martin. I was so happy with version PRO of DORICO that I was seriously considering Cubase 11. Seems that I will have to wait a bit. The trial was actually quite useful in my case, unfortunately.

Hi Martin,
I wonder if could buy a Cubase Pro 11 licence and run a 10.5 SW version on it, which seems to work perfectly fine with the new M1 processors. I saw an answer from you in other threads about running 6.5 with an 8 licence and light switched on…
If that is possible would allow me to have Cubase Pro on my mac until version 11 is patched for being used on these new processors (who knows by when…)
Thanks a lot in advance!


Yes, you can. With Cubase Pro 11 license, you can run any lower Cubase version, same as any lower edition. So with Cubase Pro 11, you can start Cubase Pro 10.5, Cubase Elements 10, Cubase Pro 8… whatever you want/need to.

Yes. Actually Cubase 11 and Cubase 10.5 are already macOS 11 compatible. Unfortunately not all the built-in Instruments are compatible yet. But they are not M1 processor compatible yet. So far it seems, it works at some system, but doesn’t work at all on others (these can see only black screen).