Problems getting I/O functionality

I am having an issue with hearing the audio during playback. My goal is to use a USB mic for audio input and the built in laptop speakers for output. I imagine I need the following:

Devices --> VST Connections --> Outputs (Built-in Audio)
Devices --> VST Connections --> Inputs (USB Audio Device)

However, whichever I select under
Devices --> Device Setup --> VST Audio System
becomes the only option available when I attempt to set the VST Connections.

How can I do this? Thanks!

There is a free piece of software called ASIO4ALL available here:

This should allow you to choose which inputs and outputs you want to use (not limited to one audio device)

From memory:
Install ASIO4ALL software, then open Cubase
In Cubase under Device Setup>VST Audio System select ASIO4ALL
When ASIO4ALL appears in the list on the left under VST Audio System, select it and open the Control Panel. In ASIO4ALL control panel click on spanner to open advanced menu.
On the left you can select which devices and which ports you want to use. Blue light means on. Make your choice, close panel and OK out of Device Setup
These ports will now be available and can be selected in Cubase under Connections (f4)

Good luck.
(edited to add ASIO4ALL spanner step which I had forgotten about!)

Thanks for the reply. It does not appear that ASIO4ALL is compatible with the Mac OSX. Is that really the only way to do this? I was assuming that I was simply overlooking a minor configuration detail.

I think I have it figured out. This link provides the solution:

Thanks again!


Glad you got it sorted out. Please put your system specs into your signature - then we’ll all know whether you’re in Mac or Windows land!