Problems Hiding rests and adding new bars

I don’t know if it is just me or it is a general issue, and maybe something that Dorico has to correct in the future.

I hid some rests from the upper voice of the flutes. And when I was adding more bars (after the hidden rests bars) there were no rests in the new bars.
Also, if I want to erase the notes from the bars after that hidden rests, it also appears with no rests.

I upload a picture, so you can understand better…

Is there any solution for this problem?
Slice 3.pdf (27.9 KB)

Thank you very much!!

Removing rests works by setting properties on the notes either side of the removed rests to start / end their voices. If you select the last note on the flute staff, you’ll probably find that the “Ends voice” property is activated. Deactivate it to show rests again.

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Thank you Lillie! This solved the problem. :tada: