Problems hiding tracks in project window, unintentionally hiding other tracks in mix windows - see video

Am I doing something wrong here?

The problems seem to be, tracks in the mix window, unrelated to tracks I’m selecting, are being hid when the lower mix window is not in focus.

After more exploration - I can’t seem to hide the right channels without mix window removing the wrong ones unless:

a) Project window and mix window selection are sync’d
b) It’s not disabled tracks I’m trying to hide as disabled tracks don’t show up in mix window.

Even If I close the bottom mix window, it removes the wrong tracks in the background.

‘Hide disabled tracks’ is the work around function, but this still doesn’t re mediate half my issue here.

Even in the video in OP, it’s strange behaviour that with track selection sync on, that one green channel remains selected even when I’m selecting the other chanels…?

I’m totally confused about visibility and project/mix sync and everything my brain is scrambled… what am I supposed to be doing… where I am… what year am I in… panicking… :confused:

It seems to be an intermittent bug. Not sure what causes it, but restarting Cubase seemed to work.