Problems importing to Cubase 10

Having problems importing a cubasis 3 project into cubase elements 10 on windows. I have downloaded the latest importer.

  1. All audio recordings are missing in cubase after opening the project. The parts are there in the project window, but the actual audio is missing
  2. I have time stretched some samples in cubasis, but the time stretching has not carried over to cubase, the samples play at their original speed.
  3. Some midi recordings have only partially transferred, some notes are missing
  4. The in app purchases don’t carry over, for example FX pack 1 and 2

Any suggestions?


Hi Phil simpson,

Thank you for your message.

Would it be possible to get your Cubasis project, which fails to be imported with Cubase Elements 10 on windows?
If so, please upload the project file via Dropbox and let me have the download link via PM.


Im having the same issues

For me the project importer is not working nearly as reliably as with cubasis 2. I posted my observations here: