Problems in Addictive Drums 2

Hi guy’s i have a problem with addictive drums 2 set up Millenium Mps 150 E Drum…
First date it works automatically. So when I try to set pedal drums Kick and Hi Hat separated both of them are heard so in Kick sound Hi Hat and In Hi Hat Drums Kick… Set separated Hit Bass Drum and Hi Hat but both are taken over between them… :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Nobody ??

Not sure if I can help, but can you restate the issue a bit differently? Is it you are hearing several drum pieces when triggering the kick? I would first try to unload that kit, unload AD2 from the project. Reload AD2 and try a different kit. Then back to your first kit. I will try to load your original kit ( if I have it) latter today and see if any thing abnormal. And are you patching AD2 into Cubase as one input, or as separate inputs for each piece? And are you using the overhead mikes? Definite bleed from them as it is supposed to be if you want.

Hi !
In Addictive, you can access the MAP and use the “Learn” condition, to the right note from each piece. You can set “Learn” in Hi Hat piece (XLN) and touch them in your MPS… and do the same with Kick, they will assign this pieces for notes are coming when you play the pieces. After this, you save the preset to use in future.

Good luck!

Ha! I was no doubt way off in my analysis, but I thinkCrisNich probably has steered you in a better direction!