Problems in compiling vst3sdk with Xcode and cmake.


I not experienced person here that I am trying to build the examples. I already built it two weeks ago, but now dont run becasue Xcode dont recognise std::move:

I specify the versions in Xcode and cmake also because I think is something relates with versions.

I dont know if someone experiencied this issue, but any help will be appreciated. I am using Macbook M1/ Xcode 14.3/ CMake 3.26.3/ C++ 11.


Xcode 14.3 is not yet supported. It was released last week. Use the version you got two weeks ago.

It works with the 14.2, I already check, thank you very much!

Adding a line
#include <utility>
in vstguibase.h solved that problem for me. That’s the header where std::move is defined.