Problems in Cubase 13 MAC

Has this fixed the insanely slow rendering of single tracks that has plagued Cubase this version on Mac’s?

Hi Martin, A new issue has been found that any search actions in Media Bay still trigger an auto-close. Thanks, Y

Unable to import Temp track????

Hi @Yiyang_Zhou ,

Could you please describe it in the step by step manner? What exactly do you do, please? Thank you

Hi @lang_shibo and welcome to the forum,

What exactly do you mean, please? How do you import the Tempo Track? What is the source?

Hi @Martin.Jirsak

The problem happened when typing words into the search bar in Media Bay causing the DAW to close automatically.

It seems that the issue occurs when typing in the search bar—usually by the time I’ve entered up to three words. This problem renders the Media Bay unusable for search purposes.



You could try rebuild mediabay, I can’t remember what files you have to delete and restart, it has helped some mediabay issues for c13. Maybe something got corrupted during update.

Hi @Yiyang_Zhou ,

I’m sorry, there is no *.ips file in your ZIP. There are only *.diag files. I need the *.ips file to be able to resolve it and to see, what’s going on.


Do you mean the Steinberg Media Service folder within the preferences folder?

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/[/i]
Win: %appData% \Steinberg\

If this is the case, then first quit Cubase (and all Steinberg applications), then rename/delete this folder, then start Cubase again. This will put MediaBay to the factory settings.

File-Import-Tempo Track-xxx.smt。 There is no change in the Tempo track.