problems in "remove staff"

Hello there.
So I am trying to remove an above a piano layout staff.
Before that I was changing meters throughout a large section of the work, I now see the above staff missing its treble clef - not starting from the beginning of the piano staff and when I was trying to delete it - it would only delete the left hand side of it… the middle of this empty above staff is still there above the grand staff… before I deleted that above staff I transferred all the music in it on to the grand staff belloe and I can’t delete this upper staff … I get 5 lines in the middle of the page and can’t get rid of it…

The problem occurs in bar 22.

Hope yu can help me out, regards - Rami.
Rites of Nature and Men fixed (550 KB)

Under View > Signposts, you need to enable ‘Staff Count Changes’. You can then select the signposts and press to remove the staff.