Problems installing 8.0.10 update

I’m having problems with two error messages when running the 8.0.10 update on my Win 8.1 system currently running with the 8.0.5 patch version. I get the following two errors.

Can anyone assist in what might be the issue here? I’ve included the two error message screen shots.

Thanks in advance.
Jim Davie

a simple forum search for “update error” produced this result…


Thanks DLearyUS!

You are right, had I searched this forum, I would have probably seen this. Unfortunately, I had posted the original message in the “Issues” forum and it was “declined” for message approval, and I was directed back to the General forum to post. I just didn’t think about searching the General forum.

Many thanks for the information!!

And it stands to reason that it explains my issue, as I do routinely run a registry cleaner (CCLeaner).