Problems installing Cubase 12

I am having a terrible time trying to install Cubase 12 update. I keep getting the messag that my Steinberg Library is not installed even after I repeatedly download and install it. I can’t tell if the Download assistant is working properly the Additional Content won’t install completely. When I finally got Cubase 12 to start I got repeated messages that licenses were going to expire or content was not installed. My mixer will not allow me to configure output. I don’t think all content was installed. After I gave up and went back to working with my Cubase 10.5, I am getting messages that plug-ins and sounds are missing or my license for certain things is expiring. I wish I hadn’t upgraded. I am totally exasperated. I wonder how hard it would be to get a refund but even my Cubase 10.5 is screwed up


I’m sorry you have troubles.

Could you provide the exact messages, so we can focus to the exact solutions, please? Let’s focus to Cubase 12. How does it look like in your Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

It seems like most of my problems are related to Steinberg Library Manager. I have installed it several times but I don’t think it is installing correctly. Most of the error messages I get in the Download Assistant tell me it is not installed.

Just problem after problem. Cubase is a bloviated crap hole for a simple musician.

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No help from support

Please take screenshots of the error messages you’re getting, so someone can try to help you.

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Unless you decide to share some specifics about the issues you are having, no one will be able to help you resolve them.

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