problems installing cubase 9 pro trial

hello eveybody.

I have been trying to install cubase pro 9 trial, which I downloaded from the Steinberg site and for which a registration serial number was sent.

when i open the program, it says it finds no licenses; I tell it to open the elinsencer, which is a “soft” one, because this is the trail version; it recognizes the number as that of a trial, but then it gives me an error saying that it can find no USB elisencer to register the license to.

I have written last Friday to the support, but they have not answered yet. can anybody help?

thank you!

Unfortunately, you need the USB eLicenser even for the trial, can’t be run on a soft license.

See (scroll down): Try Cubase now for 30 days | Steinberg

well… kind of sucks, since I have to spend 32+ euros just to evaluate a program!! what if I then don’t need to buy it?

Then you have spent money for an e-licenser you might not need anymore. Life can be hard sometimes…

Or you can sell it…and maybe buy a secondhand one in the first place.

Not sure why it’s €32 though…it’s only £16 in the UK which even at the best (for us) exchange rates makes it about €20.

If you’re still vaguely interested I’d suggest starting with the Elements trial version as you don’t need the USB eLicenser for that. It will get you used to the basic functioning of the software as has most of the the features too (but fewer tracks etc).