Problems installing Dorico 2.....SOLVED!

I’m having problems installing Dorico 2 on my laptop.

I think the last version on the laptop was 1.30, but I’ve since un-installed everything and downloaded the ‘2.1 installer’ and Halion libraries again but still keep getting the same error message.

‘Audio engine…waiting for connection’

‘VST AudioEngine has stopped working’ tab opens up. Clicking on ‘view problems’ gives.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: VSTAudioEngine2.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 5b57baad
Fault Module Name: VSTAudioEngine2.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 5b57baad
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0000000000a8b4bc
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 57a7
Additional Information 2: 57a79d9a06bfb4358a29f01312606977
Additional Information 3: 98bc
Additional Information 4: 98bc3f05cf782eae3218f9bcb3c94cb6

Any help much appreciated.

Sorry to hear about this, Al. It appears that something about the updated audio engine in Dorico 2 isn’t getting on with the audio hardware on your laptop. In the first instance, I’d suggest you try updating the audio drivers, if possible. Otherwise, I suggest you find the .dmp files being produced by the audio engine (see the FAQ “Dorico is crashing. What do I do?” in the FAQ thread), zip them up and email them to Ulf at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de with a link to this thread, and I’m sure he’ll be able to help.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the response.
I forgot to say my laptop is running Win 7 Home Premium, with Service Pack 1. I followed the thread above and already had the Windows update installed and Aero was already correct. I had a desktop image of Stonehenge on the laptop. When I went back to the Windows 7 Basic (Aero) desktop, Dorico started up straight away. There is still a problem though.

When I downloaded the whole package again, 5 sections are downloaded.

Dorico 2.1 Playback1 -Halion Sonic SE3
Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library
Dorico Pro 2.1 Application Installer
Dorico Pro 2.1 -Version History PDF
Update to Dorico Pro 2.1

I have un-installed everything to do with Dorico, but after selecting the Dorico 2.1 Installer from the new download, it fails to
install any sound libraries, hence when Dorico in stalled, nothing plays back…and when selecting ‘Play’ in Dorico, the only sound source available is ‘Dorico beep’.

How can I install the sound libraries?

You need to run the “Dorico Playback 1” and “Dorico Playback 2” installers again. And I think you do need to run in Aero for the audio engine to run: Dorico itself will run in the Basic theme, but even after reinstalling the sounds you won’t get any playback unless you switch to Aero. And I suspect that when you switch back to Aero, you’ll find that the audio engine crashes again.

Thanks Daniel,
I used up a lot of mobile data downloading the Dorico 2 install (I’m currently at a festival) so will have to wait til I’m back home to have a go at sorting it out…at least I can work on the score (I only wanted to add dynamics and expression which can all be done of course without playback).


Just been thinking about this Daniel and does this mean if someone bought the Dorico2 package and tried installing it on a Win7 machine, they’d have problems…because the Installers that I have downloaded wouldn’t be enough to get the whole package working? I realise Win 7 is now an ancient package and that trying to make new software compatible with old hardware is difficult. Having said that, Dorico 2 booted up much faster without the playback engine and since I invested in Kontakt Ultimate and their Symphony Series Orchestral Library, expression maps with that library is the way I probably would like to go in the future.


So I have it working…this is what I did (if I can remember).

Un-installed everything, Dorico 1 & 2.

I then installed Dorico 2.1 from the download (see above, the five file download).

I then checked the Aero thingy and set the laptop to the Basic Window 7 ‘theme’ in Appearances.

I then installed the 2.1 version using the 2.1 Installer.

The program then would run minus sound libraries.

I then re-installed Dorico 1 from the 1.0.10 installer on my laptop.
Then the 1.0.30 update
Then the 1.1 update

After this I opened Dorico 2 (2.1) and everything just worked!

And it loaded much faster than it ever loaded 1.0.10 a year or so ago.

I hope this might anyone else trying to get it working.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread and other related threads.