Problems installing on iMac, Sierra

I get this beauty when i try to install on my iMac (Sierra 10.12)

Bums me right out. What to do?

Can you look in the installer log and attach here so we see what’s going on? See:

This is almost certainly caused by you running some other application that is using the eLicenser. If you’re running Cubase or Vienna Ensemble or eLicenser Control Center, or some other software that uses the eLicenser, quit and then try running the installer again. If that doesn’t help, restart your Mac and try running the installer as the very first thing you do after logging in, and hopefully whatever is using the eLicenser won’t be running at that point.

I had the same issue, twice. I own no other software from Steinberg, except for the e-licensed. It appeared it was not running (something might be running we don’t see). A restart of the computer solved the issue for me.


There is a process call Synsopos that runs as part of the e-licensing check when a product that uses e-licenser is launched. Sometimes this process hangs and you don’t see it running in the dock or anywhere visible without running the Activity Monitor or Terminal app. If this process is hung, you need to either force quit that process using Activity monitor, or log out and back in, or reboot before you’ll be able to run Dorico again.

e-licenser used to be Synchro-Soft. So and easy way to remember that process name is SYNcro-SOft-PieceOfS***.