Problems installing VST Electronic Mode Sound Loop set?


I am trying to install the VST Electronic Mode Sound Loop set.

Running Cubase 6 on Windows 7. Dual Core 3 GB RAM. This is my main machine and is not connected to internet.

As I do with all my VSTs etc (I did it recently with the Steinberg Hypnotic dance VST with no problems), from the email from Steinberg, I downloaded the VST Sound Loops to my laptop, then transferred the installer to my main computer above.

The license has been transferred to my elicenser (see pic attached), so no problems there. I have installed the software on the main computer however I can’t access the dll file.

I have attached a pic of where the installer is and also another blank file, perhaps indicating the problem where the dll should be?

Any help greatly appreciated :confused: :slight_smile:

VST plugins on main music computer.jpg
e-licenser info.JPG