Problems loading older, self-created patches

I have discovered that all my HALion presents are gone from HALion. Most of them (fxp’s) can be loaded manually using “browse”, but with the following problems:

  1. Very often, HALion will crash Cubase (or standalone HALion) simply browsing folders on my SSD. Typically when hitting “+” to expand a folder.
  2. Some presets have a “forbidden” sign (red with horizontal white stripe) and will make Cubase go poof if I try to load it anyway.

This is pretty disastrous, as I have lots of fun, older patches that I no longer have access to!

Latest HALion (6.4) and Cubase 11.

The “crashes while browsing folder” issue has been there for years, BTW.

Have you tried dragging and dropping presets on to Halion’s internal media bay?

If I remember correctly this is another way of importing presets.
This might avoid a crash.

Also, if you import via the Halion browser : When you get to your file, instead of double clicking it, press ‘L’ or right click on the file and choose “Load program into selected slot”.
The crash might come from Halion trying to access the FXP structure, but I’m not sure.

Hi Haavard,
I assume that your fxp’s files are too old. To check if this is the case you can download and and install an older Standalone version of HALion 3.3.1 (works even on Win10) here:
Load your fxp presets that won’t load in HALion 6 in the H3.3 Standalone. Re-save the fxp file(s) and know they should work in HALion 6 too.

best regards
Gerrit Junge