Problems Making into a Frame

I’m trying to get more staves unto each page using ‘make into a frame’.

  1. I select the first note on the first page and then a barline on the second page and hit ‘make into a frame’. All good.
  2. Then I select the first note on the second page a barline on the third page and hit ‘make into a frame’. Now my selection is moved unto the same frame on the first page, so I have a very crowded page with twice as much music as it should. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not sure what you might be doing wrong. Can you attach the project in question here, or email it to me?

Here it is. It’s flow 2 that’s giving me trouble. I select the first G and then the barline of measure 46 and can make them into a frame. Then I select the first note of measure 47 and the barline of measure 85, and end up with measures 1-85 all on one page. Thanks for taking a look!
bartok (272 KB)

I tried that, and with the same result as yours. Strangely enough, if I select a first note from bar 47 and the last C from bar 85, the result is the expected one. This inconsistency (different result if barline or note is selected) is something strange, could be a bug…

Thanks, Marc. That does seem to work, although it seems that if I select the stem (rather than the notehead), then the selected note ends up on the following page, with a split bar. Might be bug. Hopefully Daniel can provide a definitive answer.

Wouldn’t that imply that the barline is somehow connected to the note before it rather than the note after it or being an entirely independent entity? That would help a lot when one reached the final barline.

Dear Derrek,
I do not understand your point.
When we try to make fit into page some music present on page 2 and 3 on page 2, and select a barline on page 3, I do not get why the selection gets “made into frame” with page 1 !!! Could you be more explicit on your theory ? Do you mean that the first note selected (first note of page 2) would then be “connected” to the frame break, (between page 1 and 2), and that this frame break is deleted somehow when the last part of the selection is a barline, but not when it is a note ? Honestly, I would call that a bug ^^

I am guessing that by choosing the barline, you are implicitly (also) choosing the note before it, which–if I understand what has been said on this thread–is also the last note of the first frame, which would combine the two frames into one because you are (in effect) choosing the final note of the first frame to be the first note of your second frame.

That’s my guess as to what is happening and my supposition that the barline is somehow linked to the note on its left.

Selecting the range to be made into a frame using barlines can certainly exhibit these kinds of problems (and we are aware of those problems and plan to fix them), so I would use notes rather than barlines to prescribe the range of the operation if possible. If you want the first frame to end after bar 45, then I suggest you select the first note of the first bar and the last note of bar 45, then do Make Into Frame. You can select a note in any stave, so if you have the choice of selecting a note that’s part of a tie chain and one that’s not, then it can be easier to see what’s going on when you select the one that isn’t part of a tie chain. To format the next frame, again, select the first note in bar 46 and then the last note in bar 85, and do Make Into Frame.

Thanks, Daniel. Indeed, selecting notes and NO BARLINE, the behavior is exactly what is expected !