Problems merging cello and double bass into the same staff

I have a cello and a double bass in unison.
I want them to appear as the same pitch when combined. And when played, the double bass is an octave lower than the cello.
But when I merged them, the double bass was an octave lower than the cello on the score.

What should I do to achieve my requirement? thanks.

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I don’t think Condensing can mix octaves in this way.

However, in such music, both instruments would typically play from the same part, so you only need one staff, rather than two staves that condense in the score. (There might be indications for Celli only, Tutti, etc.)

So really the only problem is playback. Surprisingly few samples have the Contra down an octave, so you can’t play both instruments off the same staff easily.
You could have a hidden Contra staff for playback, using Manual Staff Visibility on a System Break.

A suggestion: make for the double bass a second violoncello part and rename it.
For playing back: adjust the vst instrument to a double bass and take care for the right expression map. In the expression map of the double bass transpose all articulations one octave lower.
I didn’t test it. Hope that it works.

In the meantime I did some tests and it works. You have to adjust in the new “Double Bass” part in the Play tab the right channel to get the Double Bass sound.

Thanks for your answers.