Problems moving to a new machine

I have recently installed Dorico 2.4 ultimate on a more powerful computer which also has Windows 11 (new to me but quite similar to Win 10 to operate) and have come across one or two little snags.

When I load Dorico I get a ‘No License Found’ display with retry and dismiss buttons and also a ‘Launching Steinberg Activation Manager’ display with relaunch and quit buttons. If I click the dismiss button on the ‘No Licence Found’ display, I get a Steinberg Activation Manager display showing Dorico is activated and also the normal Dorico display showing my live projects which allows me to proceed. This seems a rather long winded way to start.

When I do start a project I get a display titled ‘LA Studio’ and a small display titled ‘Dorico 4 AudioEngine’ with the message 'cannot locate Impulse Response File LA Studio.wav with buttons to locate, cancel or cancel all. As I have Noteperformer installed as my only sound source I am rather mystified by this!

I cannot find a way to transfer my Title page template library files to the new system. There deoesn’t seem to be a way of pointing the new Dorico to where the templates are stored.

Any help would be much appreciated

Am I correct to assume you mean Dorico Pro 4.2?

Where are your customized Page Template Sets stored?

Yes, sorry about the typo!
My templates are stored in a general folder within the documents folder on my C drive. This is the same as my old machine.

Have you created a Diagnostic file from the help menu that you could share here?

The .zip file is too large to transmit apparently. are there any folder/folders within the zip file that I could usefully send?

You could email the diagnostic file to Daniel: d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de if I recall correctly.

And include a link to this thread so he will know what to look for.

To sort out the problem with the missing impulse response file, I suggest you reinstall Dorico 4 itself, which you can do via the application installer you can download from this page:

The issue with Steinberg Activation Manager popping up when you run Dorico 4 suggests that your internet connection is slow, or at least that SAM is taking more than a second or two to contact the licensing server. SAM shouldn’t actually try to contact the licensing server if Dorico is already activated, which is something that the next SAM update will correct.

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@Daniel both,
Thanks for your replies.
I don’t think this can be a problem with slow internet as I have both my old and new machines on the same LAN, both accessing the same Dorico file from a Buffalo NAS unit. The new machine has a faster processor and an SSD rather than a significantly slower HDD in the old machine. I get no SAM problems on the slower win 10 machine.

I have tried the link but just went the ‘repair’ route to sort the missing impulse response file problem but no joy I’m afraid. I will try an uninstall and a clean reinstall next.

I have realised that I was missing a stage in trying to down load template files for the new machine. I hadn’t imported them in the ‘page template sets’ section, however, having done so I now have come across another snag. I can import my title page using ‘Insert Page Template Change’ on the original page one but, when I try to change page two (now the original page one) to use the First page template rather than the default template again using ‘insert Page Template Change’, The first page in the score is duplicated and the standard keyboard shortcuts (shift+D, shift+x etc) do not work on the duplicated or subsequent pages. This happens on both the win 10 and 11 machines which have had Dorico 4.2 installed separately but a few weeks apart!

I have uninstalled (via control panel) Dorico 4.2 and reinstalled via Steinberg Download Assistant but there is no change in behaviour on my Win 11 Machine.

It would be helpful if you could provide us with the logs from Steinberg Activation Manager on the troublesome machine. I don’t have access to a Windows machine here right now, but I think you’ll find them at %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Activation Manager. Can you zip up that folder and attach it here?

Daniel, (55.3 KB)

Attached is the zip file from %AppData%/Roaming/Steinberg/Activation Manager/

Joe, I’ve tried removing all of your current Dorico authorizations. Can you have another go at deactivating and then reactivating on your new computer?

Thanks Daniel, That seems to have done the trick as far as loading Dorico and the missing impulse response file is concerned.
I still have the problem with the first page of the score (and certain parts) getting duplicated when I add a header page and the try to change the first music page to ‘First’ rather than ‘default’. I have an idea that this might be musicxml related which sometimes seems to cause problems.
My normal route, which I used in this case, is to scan a score in Photoscore Ultimate, transfer to Sibelius Ultimate (the photoscore direct xml has problems - no multibar rests for instance) then, without touching the Sibelius file, output from there an xml file that I read in Dorico.
I’ll try the sequence again and I’ll try using the photoscore xml file to see if that can help.
Thanks for your help on the Dorico loading problems.

The problem will probably be due to a mismatch in the settings in the music frame chains on your First and Default master pages. Check they are set to the same two-letter index (e.g. MA or whatever it happens to be in your project).

Thanks for that Daniel.
I discovered a glitch in the way Photoscore was interpreting one page of the score I was scanning and this must have been upsetting the apple cart. Having sorted the glitch I have been able to get xml files both direct and though Sibelius to generate Dorico files which behave as expected.

Many thanks for your help on this and the other problems. It’s good to know that the earlier ones were not of my making but with software as comprehensive and complex as Dorico, one is bound to come across the odd funny however thoroughly it has been tested.