Problems On Lyrics Editor

I found some (maybe) bugs on Lyrics Editor.

  1. Mouse operation does not answer on lower half of editor window.
    I want to select a lyrics part but not selected. I move mouse scroll wheel to scroll lyrics but not scrolled.
    They occurs on lower half of editor window.

  2. Lyrics part does not move but spread when drag it to another position.
    To adjust a timing of lyrics, I drag the part of lyrics to right position where I want to put.
    Start is move to the right place but End is never. End position never move and length of part spreading…

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The Lyrics Editor is strictly connected to the timeline. You will have to locate transport to locate somewhere else.

Thanks for your response.
Here’s more detail of my issue.

  1. Drag one Lyrics Region to another position of timeline.
  2. Lyrics Region won’t move with at same Length. It’s Just spreading. And timeline of End changed to the next Lyrics Region’s start.

Is this a specification of Lyrics Editor?
I just want to move Lyrics Region to another timeline without change its size.

Lyrics entries have no duration per se. They are one time events with a position, and text.
When you move an event like that, you can still place another event after it (and before the one thereafter), so just ignore “End”; it is automatically set to the distance to the next event whenever you apply changes. In fact we will remove “End” altogether with the next version.


I installed newest ver. 1.1.50 and the problems I had on Lyrics editor are all solved!
Thank you so much!! :blush: