Problems on the video track

Hi, I bought vst live to send audio and video tracks during the show, I have big problems, the video track is sent to the external output (Video 1) even if in the song there is a different video track, but what even more serious even if there is no video track in the song but only audio tracks … how is this possible?

Your description is a bit vague. First make sure to have the latest VST Live version (1.0.20 as of this writing), there was a bug that might explain what you report.
If it still doesn’t work as expected, pls. try to describe step by step what you do, and what happens or doesn’t happen as expected, thanks!


As you can see from the video there are 2 songs, one with a video track and one without, but the same video appears on all 2 and this happens even if in the second song I put a different video (I have the latest version of vst live updated yesterday)

You are correct, that is a bug. Will be fixed next update (scheduled soon, again). Thanks for reporting, and sorry for the inconvenience!

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Ok thanks, do you think it is possible to solve the bug before Saturday 16th July, because I would have an evening on a stage with the ledwall and I would like to test the system