Problems playing back files written in Dorico pro in Dorico Elements 3.5

I’m struggling to play back files from pupils’ compositions written at school on Dorico Pro. I have Dorico Elements 3.5 and when I start new compositions at home, everything is fine. Opening and playing files written in Dorico Pro results in missing instruments and error messages (instruments missing). None of the coursework has any wacky instruments and is pretty straight forward. What I am doing wrong???

If your students are using HALion Symphony Orchestra (HSO) with their Pro versions, users of Elements would not have those instruments installed by default.

You could apply the Elements Playback Template (HSSE), but your rendition would not sound as theirs did when they created it. To hear that you would likely have to

  1. purchase HSO separately
  2. ask the students to send you audio files of their work along with the Dorico files

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

And welcome to the forum, @paul.isom .