Hi there - I wonder if someone can help me?

I’m having trouble getting video to playback in Cubase SX3 on my PC.

I can import video no problem, can see the thumbnails and have opened the video player window but when I press play the video play window just stays black and doesn’t show anything.

I’ve tried all the Video Player options in the Device Setup menu…DirectShow Video, DirectX Video, QuickTime Video and Video For Windows…but none of them work.
I originally had QuickTime 7 installed but after reading some stuff on some other forums, I installed MPEG Streamclip 1.2 from so I could change the format of the video to see if that would make a difference. To install this though, I had to uninstall QuickTime 7 and install QuickTime Alternative 1.81 instead.

After this, I tried importing different video formats…AVI, QuickTime, MOV, WMV, MPEG…but can’t any format to play back.
When I then try and switch between different variations, Cubase usually ends up crashing!

Could a lack of disk space or memory be a cause for the playback problem?
If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very grateful?
I’m hoping it’s something simple that I’ve overlooked.

Many thanks in advance

I as well am having the same problem i need help too i need to enable the video player in Cuebase 7.5 what the hell it cant be that hard ,i need HELP !