Problems reactivating Cubase LE AI Elements 7

Hi folks. I’ve just upgraded my PC box and now want to reinstall Cubase LE AI Elements 7 64-bit.

After finally working my way through the laborious re-activation task, I must have done something wrong. This is what I did:

  1. Downloaded eLicenser Control Center and registered things appropriately
  2. Hit “Reactivate” button in MySteinberg and entered new eLicenser serial code
  3. Got a new activation code for Cubase
  4. Entered new activation code in eLicenser Control Center which is where the problem comes in…

…after entering the new activation code in eLicenser Control Center, I get as far as being able to “Download license”. When I attempt to download it though, I get an error message saying that the activation code has already been used (see attached screenshot).

Please help!!! Thanks!
eLicenser error.png

UPDATE After restarting, the app is working normally.