Problems Recording in Cubase 10.5

Hi - When i record a Bass or guitar track in Cubase 10.5, the track i am recording also records the playback i am playing along to. So I’ve laid down a drum track - i then add another track and attempt to record my bass and when i playback, i hear the drums as well…any idea what im doing wrong?


Hi and welcome,

I expect, you are talking about an Audio track.

Please, make sure Loop back function is not enabled on your Audio Device.

Sorry I’m fairly new to cubase…how do I check whether the loop back function is on or off? Where do I find it?


It’s not on Cubase side. You can find this in the Control Panel of your Audio Device. What Audio Device do you use, please?

Sorted …that was the issue…thank you !

Hello everyone I have cubase le 10.5 when i play my audio recording I hear static noise I have checked all wire connections I hear that noise from monitor speakers and headphone any idea how to fix it