Problems recording on Cubase LE

I’ve recently got Cubase LE to do some home recording but struggling to get started with it. I seem to be going through the procedures as instructed:

Set up interface (M-Audio M-Track 2x2 C-Series)
Start up Cubase and open a new project
Set up audio connections to the correct device port

At the moment I’m trying it with a guitar and can see the signal is being picked up as the audio activity is reacting to playing. However, after setting everything up on he track and hitting record it doesn’t seem to pick anything up and nothing is recorded. I’ve gone through the PDF manuals and as far as I can see doing everything but to no joy.

Did anyone else have problems getting started and any advice into troubleshooting?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the Record Enable button is switched On on the track.

Follow these videos, please.