Problems Reinstalling Cubase Studio 4 UPDATE - FIXED

Hi all, this is my first post, I hope someone out there can help me on this, apologies if this is a repeat post of a similar problem.

I recently had to have my computer overhauled after my hard drive became corrupted thankfully I backed up all my important project files, but now I’m having problems reinstalling my version of Cubase Studio 4, obviously now I can’t get access to my projects for some important exports. When attempting an install from disc I’m getting the following error message:

The installation failed. The Installer can’t locate the data it needs to install the software. Check your install media or Internet connection and try again, or contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

I’ve had a quick look at the disc and there appears to be a few scratches, I still obviously have my e-licenser USB, and most of the original packaging but it’s proving tricky trying to locate all the paper work as it was purchased so long ago.

Is there any way of installing remotely, or gaining access to a download of the software, providing I can produce proof of purchase?

I’m currently running an Intel core 2 duo iMac on OS X 10.6.8 (embarrassingly prehistoric I know).

Apologies again if this is a repeat post, or if I have missed an easy fix somewhere. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

As a further point, I can get access to all the files and information on the disc, it’s just when I begin the installation process from the disc, I get through the terms and conditions, click install and then more or less instantly I get the aforementioned error message.

UPDATE: Had a quick look through discontinued products and found an update that doesn’t require a previous installation.