Problems running Cubase LE 4 on Zoom r16 on limited account

I have installed Cubase LE 4 on our studio computer at school. We are trying to run the software, in conjunction with a Zoom r16 controller, on limited (not administrator) accounts. Whenever I try to switch from the ASIO driver to the ZOOM driver, the software freezes up with a continuous-poppping-up window saying “the sample rate has changed to 44100”, and will not close or reset (I have to go to Task Manager to close the program).

We do not want to leave the computer on default administrator status, as in the past, students have made significant changes, downloaded unwanted items, viruses, etc. when using the setup. So my question is:

How do I get Cubase LE 4 to run on ZOOM r16 controller deck, for limited (not administrator) accounts?

Any help, most appreciated. Thanks in advance!