Problems saving files and a cross-fade question

My system step-up is an IMac running 10.6.6

One issue and one question -

I notice that if I drag and drop and .m4a file from itunes into wavelab, it decodes it nicely.
But if I edit the file then attempt to save it, it does not write the file. I need to copy it into an
untitled editing window to save it. Is this user error on my part.

Oh Steinberg Guru’s. Please oh please bring back the ability for me to edit my cross-fades? Why did you remove this, it was one of the most useful features for me. I do linear editing (not using Montage) to edit figure skating music. Some of the cross-fades need to be meticulously done which requires editing the curve. I could do that in the previous version, but you have removed it. Why?? Now I have only a choice a 3 cross-fades. Am I missing something? Note the new cross-fade algorithms are quite nice, but I need more versatility for the fade times.

Looks like I can answer my own question - yes - it is user error.
I need to select the appropriate file type to save - as it selects by default AAC/Stereo/44 100Hz
It oddly does not give me any warning or error, and does nothing when I attempt to save. Seems like
it should indicate something if it is to do nothing.

WaveLab only read AAC (via Quicktime), but can’t write them.

Concerning XFades, you can use the Volume envelope to create accurate shapes. This is more accurate than the old system, but this requires more steps to achieve the result (fade in + fade out + mix). I might consider adding this again. Why this has changed? Because I have assumed that the Montage was the proper tool to do this.