Problems saving groove quantize templates

I have downloaded some MPC quantize midi files off the net and have been having trouble saving them in the quantize panel.

They save ok but when I restart cubase for another session they are gone. I am using 7.02 & am running cubase as administrator. I have followed the instructions on the manual correctly and searched the net and can’t find anyone else with this problem

any help would be greatly appreciated

You need to save them in a template or project.

It seems incredible that we are not able to preview and manage quantizes in the media bay.

They jettisoned this pretty useful feature long ago…the new method is very poor, and not very flexible.

thanks. I have tried saving them in a project and they still disappear. I will try saving as a template


I have no problems with loading/saving quantise presets here (and have a very long Quantize drop-down menu to show for it).
Have you tried it with admin mode off?

No - saving them via the Quantize Panel is enough.


Hi Krisp

thanks for your reply. I have tried with cubase run as administrator and without, is that what you meant or is there an administrator setting in cubase as well?