Problems saving project to NAS


After switching from PC to MAC and upgrading to Nuendo 5.5 we are having serious problems when saving projects. Basically the project locks for 10-15 secs every time you hit save, sometimes longer, depending on the size of the project. Anyone experienced similar problem?

We are running 3 Macs (2 Lion 1 Snowleopard) connected to a Qnap TS-809 NAS all have the same problem.


Hi matthias,
same Problem here…

Quadcore i5 on win 7 /32bit…saving to NAS (Thecus N5200 )…Nuendo 5.5 and cubase 6.0.3

Project not reacting after saving…eventually it will save (after coffee break) or hangs completely… :cry:

Currently copying all projects to internal SATA and back to NAS after finishing…



There is a known incompatibility problem with some combinations of servers/ NAS systems.
(Windows 2003 standard server & Polyserve NAS servers have been identified as being affected by the problem)
It is related to Nuendo using and querying FASTIO statements for writing files. And when no response comes from the NAS, then falling back to IRP statements, resulting in a long response time. So Nuendo does not hang, it is just waiting for an answer from the NAS. And -unfortunataly enough- that can be a long time. Escpecially with big projects.

I know development is on it, but apparently this fix is complicated and not without danger, so it is not sure if it can be done within a maintenance update.


I am just glad I can actually open a Nuendo project on my Qnap :smiley:
Protools refuses to see it as even a ‘playback’ volume and forces me to copy to a local drive just to HEAR anything…

I am running Win 7 and also OSX so I will check to see if saving while running from the NAS causes this issue with either or both operating systems…