problems sending midi to a hardware synth - Arturia Minibrut

Is there someone familiar with the Arturia Minibrute, hardware synthesizer?
I borowed one, and now I want the Minibrute to be triggered by a midi track,
so I connect the Minibrute via USB. I set up a midi track and want to route the output of the track to midi out of Minibrute, but I only get the option to chose the output channels, while I’m on the input of the track only get the midi in channels.
Has someone any idea what’s going on here? Or does it this an Arturia problem?
2017-05-27 at 01-58-58.png

Both of your pics show the minibrute. Did you click on it?

That should select it as input or output.

I guess it has midi out to send back arp info or something.

You know you have to connect the audio outputs of the minibrute to your audio interface if you want to hear what it’s putting out? Or if you already have done that then you’re ok.

You can leave the input disconnected if you don’t need to get midi out of it. You should probably set it up as an external instrument.

Yes. The minibrute can also be used as controller, so it got 2 midi ins and outs. I’ve tried them all but nothing works. But I find out it isn’t a cubase problem. The same problem showed up in other software. for some reason the Minibrute exchange the midi- in and out, so I’ve to look further on the Arturia forum.

But thanx anyway for take a look at it. Now I’m sure I didn’t overlook something. :wink:

I solved the problem!
I had to close the Minibrute-connection software, and now everything works fine. :smiley: