Problems setting up Control Room

I am running Cubase 6 64-bit on Windows 7 Ultimate.

I have a profire 2626 audio interface.

I have the following INPUTS setup:

Vocal Mic assigned Analog 1 input
Instrument Mic assigned to Analog 2 input
Piano - Assigned to 3 and 4 Analog Inputs
JV1080 Sound Module assigned 5 & 6 Analog Inputs

I enabled LISTEN on all my inputs. Currently I am testing with the piano only.

For my outputs I just show Stereo OUT NOT CONNECTED

For my Studio I have:

  1. Headphones assigned to Returns 1 & 2
  2. Studio 1 assigned to returns 3 & 4
    3 Monitors assigned to returns 5 & 6

All of my settings for Router have all the returns set to Software Return

I am able to bring up the control room and turn on the monitors and they play along with the Click if enabled and I can hear the live piano at the same time.
I can turn on the headphones and they play with the CLICK if enabled and can hear the live piano at the same time.
I can turn on the Studio 1 and they play with the CLICK and the AUX and MIX however I cannot get the Studio to hear the live piano. I have the Studio Send turned on and still cannot hear the live piano in the Studio 1 headphones.

If anyone has any ideas what is wrong with my setup I would greatly appreciate your feedback.


You could set up a second studio, studio 2- set Studio 1 and Studio 2 to Not Connected and a second Headphone output

Assign Headphone 1 output 1 &2, Headphone 2 output 3 & 4

I was able to add the 2nd studio however I don’t see the option to add a second headphone output. Am I missing something? The profire 2626 has to headphone jacks available…

Sorry I got the configuration wrong!

Set up the two Studio Connections, Studio 1 Output 1&2, Studio 2 Output 2&3. The headphone connection is for control room monitoring of the cue mixes via headphones so you can either delete or set to not connected.

With your original setup, were you able to see the signal of the piano on the control room meters? If so, you should check your routing further down the chain. Use the studio send in pre-fader more, pull down the main channel fader of the piano, turn the click off, set the studio 1 to “aux”-source. Now you should have a signal going out only on software outputs 3+4, proceed by setting up the routing in the Profire software until you have signal coming out from the desired hardware output.

There’s a good article on the Control Room at Sound on Sound April (and May too I think) edition. Plus a good little tip on how to use it to “extend” your mixer configuration to toggle between recording monitoring and editing / mixing.


How do I set the studio 1 send to AUX-Source?

Only problem I am having is getting my Studio 1 to hear the live piano while recording…

I can record and play back and hear the mix.

I am on Cubase 6.5 noT 6.0 like I stated earlier…

I have the same setup so I’ll try my best to help. Obviously you have your phones plugged into “Headphones 1” on the 2626, right? Not sure why you have listen enabled. Are you doing that to DIM the other tracks? You can setup a cue mix in the studio send so you don’t need to do that.

  1. Are you monitoring direct with the 2626 mixer or through Cubase? Monitoring through Cubase with the buffer size of the 2626 set to 64 is how i record. It gives me about 2.9ms of latency with a 950 core i7.

  2. When you record, to be able to hear your input audio you have to enable the “Monitor” button on the track(s) you’re recording on.

  3. If you’re using the studios (1, 2 etc.) in the Control Room you have to have the studio sends to the track(s) you’re recording into enabled in the mixer and the send to the studio turned up. In the mixer click the star icon at the left side to bring up the studio sends. Enable the tracks you want to hear and create a “cue mix” for yourself with the send levels.

In the VST connections window I have my phones setup to go to the same jack as you (Headphones 1) on the 2626. In the Control Room I click the S1 button on the headphone channel to monitor studio 1 mix through the headphone jack on the 2626.

Hope any of this helps. I’ll keep an eye on this thread so I can offer any more assistance as I have mine working perfectly.

MAKE SURE you have the “Monitor” button enabled on the track you’re recording on. Depending on your transport setup it might switch OFF when you go into record mode.

Set the studio 1 send to AUX-Source by clicking the AUX button on the Studio 1 channel strip in the Control room.

Ok, I have already done that. Still nothing shows on the meters when I try to play the piano live and record within cubase.

I’m at a lost. I have the INPUT set to my Analog Inputs so that Cubase can record the audio track. I have that audio track with Studio 1 send turned on. STUDIO 1 is routed to Returns 7/8 where I have my Studio headphones plugged in.

I have LISTEN enabled on all the audio tracks as well.

That should be it right? The mix works fine if I record the audio track and play it back. Just can’t hear the live piano at the same time.

If I use my headphones routed via my headphones output I can hear the live piano and the mix all at the same time.
Headphones route out through returnes 1/2.

Are you sure you can route outputs 7 and 8 to the one of the headphone outputs?

Is headphone 1 not outputs 1 and 2 and headphone 2 outputs 3 and 4 hardwired in the interface?

I am not using the headphone plugins from the Profire 2626. instead I plug my headphones in to returns on the back of the device for 1/2 out and 7/8 out for the studio headphones.

Now i’m confused, you have a headphone amp, yeah? your not just plugging headphones directly into the line outs of the interface?

No head phone amp. Yes just plugging them into the returns on the back of the device.

In the Profire 2626 it has a setting for master Volume controls 1-8 of the returns.

As far as I’m aware the 8 jack out on the back of the 2626 are line outputs, these do not provide enough output for headphones, also they are mono balanced outputs. This would explain why its not working.

Set up the control room so your speakers are on outputs 5 and 6 and the control room headphones are on 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and use the front panel headphone outputs, it’s what there for.

Or get a headphone amp.

ok I will change that when I get home tonight; however that still does not explain why I don’t get the Piano INPUT during live recording to send to the Studio 1. The Meter on Studio 1 does nothing unless I play back an audio track that was already recorded…

Also I was using stereo Y Adapter to plug the headphones into so I had both channels.


Then you probably don’t have the “studio send” enabled and level up!

And/or you have direct monitoring enabled.

that’s it. Direct Monitoring is enabled. I will disable that tonight.

If I don’t use direct monitoring, won’t I have a latency problem?

Doesn’t matter, they are line outputs, not headphone outputs… Big difference

Depends on your soundcards buffer size?